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Washington and Eisenhower Warned Their Successors Against Partisanship (The Dallas Morning News)

The farewell addresses of two great presidents offer three pieces of sage advice for President Donald Trump this President’s Day weekend, if he would take it. George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower, who modeled his farewell address on Washington, gave carefully crafted warnings not just to their presidential successors, but to future generations about the toxic … Continue Reading

Which Presidents Earned the Seal of Approval? (Dallas News)

Every newly inaugurated president in our past has brought into office the public’s expectations of anticipated performance.  His supporters have foreseen only great things happening under his leadership, while detractors have predicted that the country will surely suffer through rapid decline during his administration.  Such expectations are necessarily tied to the accuracy of what each … Continue Reading

How Nasty Were Politics in the Past? History Goes on Witness Stand – DMN Featuring Talmage’s Newest Book

Talmage Boston is ready for the next chapter of the U.S. presidency—one way or the other. The 63-year-old Dallas attorney, historian and author is already crafting his post-election questions for Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, who will be speaking in Dallas the week after we’ve chosen our next commander in chief.  Woodward, best-known for uncovering … Continue Reading

Presidential Debates 2016 Beg to be Moderated With the Finesse of a Fine-Tuned Lawyer

The race for the White House is now tied, according to some polls, with fewer than 45 days remaining for undecided voters to make a decision. The tipping point should be Monday night with the first of three debates, when voters can evaluate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump side-by-side. The debate promises to provide Americans the … Continue Reading

Measured by the Character Strengths of Former Presidents, Which Nominee is Best? (Dallas Morning News)

As the race to win the 2016 presidential election heats up, Talmage Boston takes a look at which nominee is the best candidate when measured by the character strength of former presidents. “Both presidential candidates have received high negative approval ratings the old-fashioned way: they earned them.  Though the Republican and Democratic nominees each have … Continue Reading

How Jackie Robinson Went From Workplace Integrator to Civil Rights Hero (Dallas Morning News)

Ken Burns’ two-part documentary Jackie Robinson aired last week on PBS, reminding us of the reasons the Great Jackie remains atop the mountain among our greatest sports heroes.  First, breaking the color barrier in big league baseball has been described by George Will as “the opening salvo of the American Civil Rights Movement.” Robinson joined … Continue Reading

William McKenzie and Talmage Boston: Baseball Remains America’s Game

The July 12 issue of the Dallas Morning News featured a column on how baseball is tied to American culture.  The article was written by Talmage Boston and William McKenzie, editorial director of the George W. Bush Institute.  In their column, they demonstrate how economics, immigration, data/technology, the quest for freedom and equal rights, and even storytelling … Continue Reading