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Missing the Sign

On March 12, Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was asked at an SMU Athletic Forum luncheon, “If you could trade places with anyone else in the world today, in any arena, who would it be?”  Always glib, and in the aftermath of the Governor of New York’s resignation earlier that day, Sir Charles replied, … Continue Reading

Hope Restored In Mudville

On February 6, 2008, the Texas Rangers named Nolan Ryan as their new president — the best news for area fans since the team last appeared in the postseason in 1999. Baseball in these parts has been in a downward spiral for a long time. Our home team has finished last or next-to-last every year … Continue Reading

The Numbers Make the Case

In his last four seasons with the Boston Red Sox, Roger Clemens won a total of 40 games and lost 39. After that fourth season, Boston believed that the Rocket Man, at age 34, was past his prime, and the team did not attempt to resign him for the ’97 campaign. Clemens then joined the … Continue Reading

Survivor As Hero

Clarence Thomas got to the Supreme Court the hard way In his Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis as John McClain goes from one impossible situation to another and manages to survive against all odds,  maintaining his wits no matter how many madmen come his way. Justice Clarence Thomas, who spoke in Dallas last week about his … Continue Reading

In Our Own Back Yard

Cooperstown, N.Y., is not “on the way” to anywhere. It is a remote destination 70 miles southwest of Albany, nowhere near an interstate highway. Traveling to the small village (population 2,300) requires driving along winding, hilly roads that every so often pass through other small towns.  Baseball fans know Cooperstown as the home of the … Continue Reading

Finding the Fit

John Grisham’s latest hero starts over in Parma Imagine opening a jigsaw puzzle box, emptying its contents on a table, watching (in amazement) as the pieces move around the tabletop’s surface in a state of perpetual motion, and listening to dozens of experts simultaneously impart conflicting advice about what should be done in order to … Continue Reading

Bill Bradley’s New Story

With a new book, the former senator and basketball star takes another shot   In 1995, Bill Bradley announced his intention to retire from the U.S. Senate with the lament, “Politics is broken.” Four years later, he began an 18-month attempt to “fix” the break by running for president, but dropped out of the race … Continue Reading

Self-Esteem Train Wreck

Exactly what drove veteran FBI agent Robert Hanssen to abandon his sworn duties to the federal government from 1985 to 2001 in order to sell top secret information to the Soviets? The answer becomes more elusive the more you know. Hanssen was a deeply religious man who attended Roman Catholic Mass daily throughout his 16-year … Continue Reading

Boys of January

Once upon a time in this country, most red-blooded boys aspired to grow up and be one, and only one, thing — a Major League Baseball player. And for those in Texas and the Midwest, one team’s uniform stood out: the red and white of the St. Louis Cardinals, whose games were beamed over more … Continue Reading