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Talmage Joins “Good Day” (KDFW Fox 4) to Discuss Donald Trump Inauguration and Transition

While America waits for Friday’s inauguration, Fox 4 Anchor Tim Ryan discusses President-Elect Trump’s upcoming transition with Talmage Boston, author of Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers From the Experts About Our Presidents.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL DISCUSSION  Speaking Engagements – Meet Talmage Boston Talmage Boston speaks frequently at professional associations, conventions and … Continue Reading

World Affairs Council of America, 2016 National Conference Panel on Presidential Leadership and U.S. Foreign Policy

Talmage Boston moderated a panel discussion at the 2016 National Conference on Presidential Leadership and U.S. Foreign Policy.  The guest panelists included Tom DeFrank, Contributing Editor, National Journal;  and Evan Thomas, Journalist, Historian, and Author of Being Nixon: A Man Divided. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL PANEL DISCUSSION CLICK BELOW TO WATCH EVAN THOMAS’ … Continue Reading

Presidential Election 2016 and Cross-Examining History, Podcast from The Eric Metaxas Show

Talmage discusses his newest book, Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers From the Experts About Our Presidents, on The Eric Metaxas Show.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  The response to Talmage’s project in the history community has been amazing. Major recognition of his work has come from the likes of former Secretary of State James A. … Continue Reading

Presidential Perceptions, Talmage Boston Speaks with KERA’s Krys Boyd, Host of “Think”

Listen to Talmage Boston’s feature on KERA’s “Think,” hosted by Krys Boyd. Based on his interviews with some of the country’s most prominent presidential historians and insiders, Talmage shares insights on the qualities that separate a good leader from a great one.  Talmage is the author of Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers From the … Continue Reading

What Makes a Great President? (KDFW FOX4 Good Day Interviews Talmage Boston)

During an interview with KDFW FOX 4 Good Day, Talmage answers the question, “What Makes a Great President?” WATCH HERE:  What Makes a Great President – Talmage Boston For over 38 years, Talmage Boston’s vocation has been getting to the heart of his cases by asking the right questions—and not stopping until he gets them answered. … Continue Reading

Remembering Harper Lee

Originally published By Lindsay Stafford Mader for the Texas Bar Blog Readers and lawyers around the country are feeling the loss of author Harper Lee, who died in her sleep this morning at the age of 89. Harper’s novel To Kill a Mockingbirdwas awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1961. Dallas attorney Talmage Boston—who has extensively … Continue Reading

The Odyssey: How the SBOT Annual Meeting has Evolved

This month’s Texas Bar Journal features an article written by Talmage Boston on the evolution of the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting.  The SBOT’s Annual meeting has featured some of the nation’s most prestigious speakers, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, author John Grisham and former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker … Continue Reading

Talmage Boston Interviews Author A. Scott Berg

Talmage Boston interviewed the nationally acclaimed biographer, A. Scott Berg, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Charles Lindbergh, and has also authored best-selling biographies of actress Katherine Hepburn, Hollywood impresario Samuel Goldwyn, and Maxwell Perkins (editor of the novels written by Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Thomas Wolfe).  During the onstage … Continue Reading

Talmage Boston Interviewed by Fox-4 DFW, Discusses Recent MLB Drug Investigations

Author, speaker and baseball historian Talmage Boston was interviewed Friday, Aug. 2, by Fox-4 DFW on the ongoing MLB drug investigations and the imminent suspensions. Talmage views the current situation as baseball’s biggest  drug scandal ever, since the threat of lifetime suspensions has never before been a possibility and there has never been so many … Continue Reading

Talmage Boston at the Thornburgh Forum for Law and Public Policy Lecture Series at the University of Pittsburgh

On April 11, 2013, Talmage delivered his “Raising the Bar” lectures at the Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law and Public Policy Lecture Series at the University of Pittsburgh.   The videos for each event are now available as follows: Click here:“What Lawyers and Law Students Can Learn from Abraham Lincoln about Professionalism and Communication” Click here:“Lessons … Continue Reading

Talmage Boston Interviews Dr. Henry Kissinger

On March 15, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosted a luncheon featuring Dr. Henry Kissinger who was interviewed by Talmage Boston. A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Medal of Liberty, Dr. Henry Kissinger played a prominent role in United States foreign policy. He served as … Continue Reading

Meet Talmage Boston – YouTube

An accomplished keynote speaker, Talmage Boston speaks frequently at bar associations and civic group meetings throughout the country.  His audiences leave the room recharged about their profession and encouraged to “raise the bar” in their own legal circles. For speaking engagements or other inquiries, please contact Talmage at 214.745.5462 or Click here to connect … Continue Reading

Lincoln Comes To Life

Most everyone in our country has spent parts of his lifetime encountering photographs and  statues of Abraham Lincoln.  We’ve also studied his power-packed words, on the order of:  “Four score and seven years ago, . . .;” “This nation, of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish . . .;” … Continue Reading

Dallas Morning News Interviews Talmage Boston

The May 9 issue of the Dallas Morning News features Talmage Boston who was interviewed by business columnist Cheryl Hall.  During the interview Talmage discusses his new book and some of the lessons learned from the legal careers of important American lawyers, including Leon Jaworski and James A. Baker, III.  LawyerHoldsBarHighforHisOwn.pdf… Continue Reading

From the Texas Bar Journal: James A. Baker, III The Ultimate Negotiator and Counselor – Book Excerpt

The following article will appear in the May issue of the Texas Bar Journal.  The article features an excerpt from Raising the Bar: The Crucial Role of the Lawyer in Society recently published by TexasBarBooks. This excerpt is taken from Chapter 2, which is devoted to Leon Jaworski and James A. Baker, III, believed by the author to be … Continue Reading