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World Affairs Council of America, 2016 National Conference Panel on Presidential Leadership and U.S. Foreign Policy

Talmage Boston moderated a panel discussion at the 2016 National Conference on Presidential Leadership and U.S. Foreign Policy.  The guest panelists included Tom DeFrank, Contributing Editor, National Journal;  and Evan Thomas, Journalist, Historian, and Author of Being Nixon: A Man Divided. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL PANEL DISCUSSION CLICK BELOW TO WATCH EVAN THOMAS’ … Continue Reading

Presidential Perceptions, Talmage Boston Speaks with KERA’s Krys Boyd, Host of “Think”

Listen to Talmage Boston’s feature on KERA’s “Think,” hosted by Krys Boyd. Based on his interviews with some of the country’s most prominent presidential historians and insiders, Talmage shares insights on the qualities that separate a good leader from a great one.  Talmage is the author of Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers From the … Continue Reading

Presidential Debates 2016 Beg to be Moderated With the Finesse of a Fine-Tuned Lawyer

The race for the White House is now tied, according to some polls, with fewer than 45 days remaining for undecided voters to make a decision. The tipping point should be Monday night with the first of three debates, when voters can evaluate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump side-by-side. The debate promises to provide Americans the … Continue Reading

Measured by the Character Strengths of Former Presidents, Which Nominee is Best? (Dallas Morning News)

As the race to win the 2016 presidential election heats up, Talmage Boston takes a look at which nominee is the best candidate when measured by the character strength of former presidents. “Both presidential candidates have received high negative approval ratings the old-fashioned way: they earned them.  Though the Republican and Democratic nominees each have … Continue Reading

What Makes a Great President? (KDFW FOX4 Good Day Interviews Talmage Boston)

During an interview with KDFW FOX 4 Good Day, Talmage answers the question, “What Makes a Great President?” WATCH HERE:  What Makes a Great President – Talmage Boston For over 38 years, Talmage Boston’s vocation has been getting to the heart of his cases by asking the right questions—and not stopping until he gets them answered. … Continue Reading